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Weigh Your Motorhome for FREE

Even though it is important to not overload our RVs, most people drive with a vehicle that exceeds its gross vehicle weight occasionally. So, we can pay to have our RVs weighed at many truck stops, but there may be a better way depending on your location.

When driving through the state of Oregon, keep your eyes open for closed truck scales. Unlike California and other states, Oregon does not barricade the entrance of closed truck scales. Even better, the scales are left in an operational mode with a readout visible to the driver of a vehicle.

So, all you have to do is drive up on the scales and wait a few seconds for the readout to stabilize. I usually can get both axles of our class C motorhome on the scale. For the longer motorhomes the front and rear axles can be weighed separately. The scales are also good for people with travel trailers to check out the load on their towing vehicles and the trailer.

So, when in Oregon, check to see if your RV needs to lighten up.

Let us know of any other states that allow drivers to weigh their vehicles.

Thanks to Shannon for this tip

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