That's Another Story

This is a collection of stories that may or may not be about RV issues. These stories are likely to have come from something seen or experienced on a trip. While writing a trip story, I have remarked about my thoughts with the phrase, "That's another story." So, rather than leave it at that, I've written some of those stories. Below is a list of story titles with links to the individual tomes.

A Rocket Engine Test
Frightened while returning from our first roadtrip taken in 1963.
Unloading Hay Trucks
A story from my childhood about how I earned my spending money.
Lightening About to Strike
A frightening experience in a thunder storm while driving I-80 in Wyoming.
Nevada and Wyoming — Different Ways to Build Interstate Highways
This is a personal observation of the different way the states of Nevada and Wyoming built Interstate freeways in their respective states.
California Freeway Names — North and South —
This story came to mind while watching a high speed car chase on TV when we were staying in a Southern California campground. The reporter talked about the high speed chase as taking place on "The 210."
How the Marshmallow Got Its Name
I wondered about the marshmallow name while toasting some of the sugary confections over a campfire during a crab fishing trip.
My Grandma's Lye Soap
While on a trip to attend an FMCA convention, I was reminded of this story when I saw a stack of lard packages in a Pasadena grocery store.
Car Fire at Highest Point on I-80
This story is about a very exciting event we witnessed on one of our trips to our home town.

That's the end of another story.


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