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Use a car remote for protection

Most new cars today come with a remote-control with the car keys. This little device locks and unlocks the car doors, lifts the trunk lid, opens a sliding door and will blow the horn. This last feature is one that can be used as an emergency alarm. It is a small security device that needs no installation. With some vehicles, the button used to activate the horn is referred to as a "Panic button."

For those who travel in a motorhome, this works with your towed vehicle and in some cases these little remotes have enough range to work from your conventional home. If you hear somebody trying to break into you home, just press the remote panic button. An intruder does not want attention drawn to the chosen place of a crime, so it is very likely that the bad guy will leave rather than hang around.

Keep your keyless-remote available while walking across a parking lot as you return to your car. If a mugger is lying-in-wait or a thief is trying to remove something from your car, he will be more likely to vacate the premises if the horn on your car begins honking drawing attention to your situation.

So keep that little security device handy any time you are around your car and keep it close to your bed at night. To be sure that this plan works, test your panic button from near your bed to be sure the remote has enough range to reach your car in the garage or driveway.

It is something we want to never happen, but it is good to be prepared.

Thanks to Susan for sending this tip.

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