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A Use for a Plastic Film Canister

Have you ever looked at an empty 35mm film container* and thought there should be something useful to do with this thing? There are probably many useful tasks for one of these little plastic canisters, here is just one. Use the container to hold a rolled-up pair of rubber gloves, the type used in medical facilities.

There are many uses for a pair of rubber gloves while on the road, some of which would not have been thought of before recent events. The most common task that comes to mind is the need for rubber gloves to perform some sort of first aid. In this day and age when blood is "The fluid of Life," it also can be a toxic substance. So, having a pair of rubber gloves handy can protect you in an emergency situation.

Another use for rubber gloves, that comes to mind, is to protect from some of the toxic fluids used in modern RV's. You never know when you will need to service something on your rig that involves some sort of semi-dangerous hydrocarbon or synthetic man-made material. You will be glad to have protective covering for you hands in the above mentioned situations as well as many not covered here.

The small size of a plastic film canister makes it easy to stash in many convenient places, such as a woman’s purse, a toolbox, a first aid kit, or a small cubby hole near the RV door.

Let us know if you have any other uses for a film canister that you would like to share.

Thanks to Cindy for this tip.

* Since I published this tip, the use of 35mm film has decreased sharply. So, a discarded prescription pill bottle can be used in the same way as a film canister. I remove all labels from a pill bottle before using it as a small storage container. If you don't have a pill bottle because you don't have a need to take any medicine, consider yourself very fortunate.

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