How the RV Fun Trips Stories Came to Be

When Kay and I were able to get email on the road, we started keeping notes about our trips. This was to help me remember the day’s activities so I could email trip reports to friends and relatives in the evenings. At one point I noticed that my collection of email messages formed a written record of our trip.

After a few trips I decided to try to do something with my trip notes and email messages. At the end of our Christmas trip in 1995, I "stitched" my notes and messages together to form a story of our trip. Originally, the stories were mostly a chronicle of our motorhome trips to our home town. I would print copies to send to relatives in Wichita. Later I was able to include other adventures.

We joined an RV club in 1996 and as a result my stories often included friends we made in the club. We were fortunate to have joined a club that has members with a sense of adventure. The resulting RV treks added some welcome variety to my trip stories. But I still would print up copies to give to the people in the stories.

About a year before I began writing my stories, I was fooling around with a new feature on the internet called the World Wide Web. As soon as the service was available on AOL, I set up my own website there. Shortly after writing my second story, I put my first two stories on the web. After a while my stories outgrew the available space on AOL, so I moved to a service that provided more space and allowed me to use my own registered domain name of The new site gave me an opportunity to remodel my old website into a more conventional web design.

Putting my stories on the web is a way for me to make it easier to share them with friends and relatives. However, anybody who gets enjoyment out of my stories is welcome. I don’t have a regular schedule for putting new stories up on the web. I will add new material as time allows. So, come back now and then to see what we have been up to lately.


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