A Trip to Attend a Special Anniversary
Wichita, Kansas
December 2001


This trip was made so Kay and I could attend a very special anniversary celebration. An anniversary that most people never achieve. We were to visit our home town to observe the 60th wedding anniversary of Kay's parents, Lois and George. I expected the trip to be a routine commute to Wichita via I-40. For the most part this was true, however, I was in store for two very different and very exciting adventures as well.

I was unable to write about all of the events that we experienced on this trip. However, I was able to write about the reason for our trip to Wichita as well as two events that took place on this trip. The two stories are about very unusual and very different adventures.

The first was in Wichita. I was given the opportunity to observe an autopsy. This is something I never would have expected to see in my normal path through life. I must warn you that you should follow the link to the story only if you are not bothered by the graphic description of the disassembly of a human body. There is only one photo in this story of me dressed to observe what to me was and educational opportunity of a lifetime.

The second story is about how I was given the opportunity to meet Debbie Reynolds. This was great fun for me to see her in person. I found her to be a very gracious and nice person. This happened when our trip was almost completed, so it was a fun way to end another RV Fun Trip.


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