Our 4th Annual Crab Fishing Trip
Waldport, Oregon
September 2001

As the result of a complete remodeling of McKinley's RV Park and Marina, photos of the campground in RV Fun Trips stories are now historical images only.

We’ve made this trip three times before. As a result, this year's adventure was expected to be fairly routine. As we would find early in our trip, this was to be one of the most memorable trips we've made. Getting there had a couple of surpises for us, however, the most exciting part of our trip was the story about Tom taking a swim. When you read this story you will find, for obvious reasons, there were no photos taken during the activities in this story.

When this trip story is completed, it will have a style new to me. I've departed from the journal style story to a patchwork style. Several short stories are combined to produce a complete trip story.

Page 1 is about Getting There.
Page 2 tells how Tom Takes a Swim.
Page 3 covers Boat Engine Trouble.
Page 4 pictures of Ron's Fish


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