Our Trip to Wichita
Spring of 1997
by Maurice Lambert

Trip Summary

This trip to Wichita has been another very pleasant adventure. As usual, Jim, Donna, and Steven made us feel right at home and opened their house to us during our stay. They were also gracious enough to let us turn part of their driveway into a camp site for our motorhome.

We had a lot of nice visits with our families and a lot of fun time with Pete. The exciting weather was an enjoyable experience. We like to see Mother Nature's fireworks as long as they don’t get too close.

I was very impressed with the Kansas Cosmosphere and look forward to future visits to this great space museum. It was especially fun to see Lois take so much interest in the space stuff.

Our trip took us to new places as well as familiar locations. The Meteor Crater in Arizona was quite a site to see. We also revisited areas we haven’t seen in many years. It was a beautiful time of year for our trip. It was nice to see all the new growth, full streams, and the new baby critters.

The motorhome performed perfectly and achieved a gas mileage I wouldn’t have thought possible. When we started the trip I was hoping to get as high as 10 MPG occasionally, but better than 10 MPG turned out to be the norm for most of the trip. The trip average was 10.4 MPG. The highest was 11.4 MPG and the lowest was 9.8 MPG. I saw prices for regular gasoline range from a low in Wichita of $1.16 per gallon to $1.55 per gallon in Reno.

All in all, it was another great RV Fun Trip.

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