A Trip to the Great Plains to
Attend FMCA Convention

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Spring 2001

Our route to and from the plains

Our Trip Begins

We’ve made many trips to the Great Plains. The focus of our previous trips was to visit our families in Kansas. This would be the first time our primary destination would be someplace other than our hometown. We traveling with friends to Oklahoma City for a Family Motor Coach Association convention. Being so close to our hometown, we took a short side trip up to Kansas. It seemed as if we had two vacations in one trip.

NOTE: During this trip, one of our stops was in Greensburg, Kansas. On May 4, 2007 the small town of Greensburg was destroyed by an F-5 tornado that ripped through town. Most landmarks became unreconizable and the pictures on this site are now historical.

Photos in this story were taken by Maury and Kay unless noted otherwise.

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