Since 1976, I've enjoyed the great outdoors traveling in an RV, with my family*. We started with a 1976 ChevyVan conversion that today would be referred to as a type "B" motorhome. Over the years I've moved up to more comfortable RV accommodations. I've had two type "C", Lazy Daze mini-motorhomes. My current "Cabin on the road" is a 2002 Monaco Knight type "A" motorhome.

I started writing trip stories that I sent out to friends and family in paper form. At first we would write letters and put a photo or two in the envelope with each letter. This would take a lot of time writing individual letters and meant that we couldn't share all of our photos with all of our friends and families. After a while I put my stories up on a website. Putting my RV Fun Trip Stories, with pictures, on the Web made it easy to share our motorhome adventures with our friends and relatives. Everybody can see all of the pictures at their convenience where ever they might be. For the most part, it has worked out very well.

The trip stories have inspired a spin-off section that contains stories that come to mind while on a trip. However, the stories may not be about RV issues. During a trip story I may mention a thought with the phrase, "That's another story", meaning that it is a sidebar to the ongoing trip story. Rather than an actual sidebar, I put a link in a trip story to the story on the side. I've included some of these stories in a section of their own.

I began to use the web to find RV information to help us plan our trips and to find help for RV related problems. I collected a set of web links that I found useful to us. So, I put the links up on a web page with the idea that the RV Links might be useful to other RVers as well.

With the popularity of TV satellite receivers and antennas I began collecting information of the various antennas. With some of the information I've collected, I put together a page to help make a decision of which satellite antenna works best for each RV situation.

While traveling, it is nice to be able to "look down the road" to see what kind of weather to expect. A link to the National. Weather Service Forecast Office — part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) — has been provided on the left side of the RV Fun Trips home page. Just enter the city and state or the zip code for the area you plan to visit and click on the "go!" button. A page containing location specific weather information will open in a new browser window or tab. You can also click on the NOAA logo to get information from the National Weather Service of a more general nature about weather conditions over the United States. Let us know if you find this feature useful.

Tragically, my beautiful wife, of 47 years and lifetime partner, Sandra Kay, passed away in July of 2008 resulting in the biggest change in my life and in the future of stories contained herein.


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