The story below was published on the Varian Medical Systems internal website for employees to read at Varian’s facilities around the world. The story appears here with permission. The story is a tribute to how Sandy touched so many lives in her work at Varian. The article appears here to make it available to friends and family outside Varian.
I feel that Varian has honored my dear wife with this story. —— Maury

IN MEMORIAM: Sandra Kay Lambert
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Sandy was known for her friendly smile

It is with great regret that we report the death of Sandra Kay Lambert, a long-time Varian employee who made a huge impact on all who worked with her between December, 1978, when she started here as a production control clerk, until August 2006, when she retired, having worked her way up to a position as senior method planner in the Palo Alto manufacturing facility.

Sandy was much beloved by many of her coworkers, but one in particular regarded her as the "light and love of my life," and that was Maury Lambert, another long-time Varian employee who retired in September of 2006, one month after Sandy. Prior to the couple's retirement, they were often seen in Palo Alto, having lunch together nearly every day.

"Sandy was a member of manufacturing engineering in the Oncology business for over 25 years," said Tom Woolway, Manager, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, who was her supervisor since 1984. "She took pride in her job assignments. She had a lot of friends at Varian, and she loved to take trips with her husband in their motor home. I never saw her with more pride, than when she became a grandmother for the first time," Tom said.

"Sandy had to be one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever known," added Cynthia West, manager of drafting and engineering change order (ECO) support. "She worked long hours to assure her work would get done. She supported the Manufacturing and Continuing Engineering groups in myriad ways. She coordinated all the ECOs. She would give individuals their ECO numbers and often write ECOs for those who were just too busy. She convened the Engineering Review Board to review the ECOs. Her job involved working with a vast number of individuals throughout our company. When SAP came along, we had long discussions about how the ECO process should go. Sandy always had the company's best interests in mind. She was a pleasure to know and we will all miss her."

Sandy enjoyed traveling in RV with husband Maury
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Jim Nelson, Heather Brady, and Andy Franaszek, who worked closely with Sandy, put it this way: "Sandy ran the engineering change order (ECO) system by herself from top to bottom. She generated the ECO procedures and trained people from many departments on the proper way to write ECOs. When things got busy, Sandy would often stay late to make sure that the ECOs were completed so that Varian machines could ship on time."

"Sandy and I had spirited discussions regarding processes," recalled Marc Biagini. "Regardless of the outcome, we both knew we had Varian's interests in mind and would strive for that. When I first started here nearly 28 years ago, Sandy was the main person I interfaced with. You could almost say she raised me."

According to Maury, Sandy passed away due to cancer at 5:40 a.m. on Saturday, July 19, 2008. "She went peacefully in her sleep. She was so strong and insisted that she wanted to try everything to fight the cancer," he wrote in a message to his friends and family. He went on to say that, after almost 47 years of marriage, they loved each other deeply and "still enjoyed the simple things like taking a walk while holding hands."

A memorial service to celebrate Sandra's life is being held today, Wednesday, July 23, at 2PM in the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church at 950 Santa Cruz Avenue in Menlo Park. A reception will be held in the church Garden Room after the service. This is very short notice, so the family will understand if friends and associates are not able to be there. However, anyone who would like to remember Sandy is welcome to make a contribution to the American Cancer Society — Gifts in Memory, in Sandra Kay Lambert's name.

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