Kay's and Maury's Wedding Rings 2 Photos

When Kay knew she wasn't going to survive her battle with cancer, she asked Maury to wear her wedding ring on his little finger next to his ring. Maury promised to always wear Kay's ring next to his.

When Kay entered the hospital for the last time, she was told that she could wear no jewelry during her stay. This is what Kay had been told the previous times she was admitted to the hospital. The first time this happened Maury tried to put Kay's ring on his right-hand little finger, but the ring was too small. Then Maury tried to put Kay's ring on his left-hand little finger and found that it fit. On this finger, Kay's ring was right next to Maury's wedding ring. This was considered to be the best way to keep Kay's ring until she would leave the hospital.

When Kay entered the hospital for what would be the last time, she knew Maury would take good care of her ring until she was well enough to leave. Unfortunately, Kay wasn't able to survive her third cycle of chemo therapy. One of Kay's last requests was for Maury to wear her wedding ring next to his. Maury told Kay he would do what she asked as a symbol of their love for each other forever.

Kay's and Maury's wedding rings worn by Maury

As Maury took care of Kay he began losing weight. As a result, Kay's ring began slipping off his finger while Kay was still in the hospital. After Kay passed away, Maury "lost" Kay's ring several times. A couple of times the ring seemed be gone forever. While traveling in Colorado, Maury bought a gold chain so he could wear both rings together on the chain around his neck. This was a way of fulfilling Kay's request that Maury wear her ring next to his. This, however, caused a problem occasionally when Maury was working on projects where he leaned against a hard surface; the rings pressed painfully into Maury's chest.

Then Maury decided to look into another solution to allow him to always wear Kay's ring next to his. Maury took both rings to a jeweler near his home. Vardy, the owner of Vardy's Jewelery, sized both rings to fit the ring finger on Maury's right hand. Then he fused the two rings together in such a way that the individual rings can be seen, but they fit as one. Vardy did a beautiful job of uniting the rings in a way that symbolizes the love of two people who became one in their hearts.

Kay's and Maury's wedding rings fused into one seen here on Maury's right hand



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